Property Registration In Costa Rica

The property must be inscribed preferably in the National Registry of Property with the registration number and the registered map. This document can be requested by the owners or to the broker who is doing the intermediation management, preferably require a certified copy of the property registry.

Use Permit

Requestor process the use of land in the municipality of the canton where the property is located. This document is requested with a copy of the registered map and a registry study of the said property. In the use of land, it clearly indicates what is being used or can be built on the property that is being acquired if the property’s location has a regulatory plan that will show the “footprint” of the construction in the lot and the density of people per hectare, also if they are single-family or multi-family homes, the maximum height of the building, the withdrawals that you have to keep at each end of the property.

Check Planning Laws

In the event that the property is not affected by a regulatory plan, the construction will be governed by the Urban Planning Law, in which every one of the aspects stipulated in the Law must be considered, and for them it is best to hire a person or company to advise you on the subject of the urban planning law.

Advice On Real Estate Purchase

If the intention is to invest in a property so that in the medium term it has a capital recovery and a profit percentage of goodwill, my advice is to consult with a brokerage agency that indicates whether the price offered for the property is adequate or do not. A proper brokerage agency in Costa Rica will be able to tell you if the property they are offering has medium or short-term surplus value. If the purchase price seems to be on the floor, do not hesitate to ask for advice from a broker who will inform you of all the costs and expenses related to the acquisition of a property to invest.

Study The Area

Another critical aspect in the purchase of a lot is the environment of the same since the properties are affected by some housing developments, and these can affect the supplies of public services.

Legal Advice

At the time of the purchase transaction of the property, it is best to have a lawyer and notary of your trust. The taking of the decision of the doctor that makes this management is your years of experience if it is appropriately registered I have joined the bar association.